Methods To Treat Heartburn During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a wonderful time for numerous women. It gives them a stunning feeling to recognize that they are beginning a family and every one hopes that there will be no problems. Around this time their bodies are varying and they begin to feel things they had hoped they would not have to deal with.

One common trouble that many pregnant women will need to endure is heartburn. This is the feeling that you will get when the stomach acids have flowed up into the esophagus. It is a burning sensation in the stomach that may be mild to severe. This is an irritating feeling that might be addressed in different methods.


There are many contrasting types of over the counter medications that will aid to control the acids in the stomach. Before you buy any of these make a point that you speak with your doctor and recognize which are the safest ones to use. There are numerous that are regarded to be unsafe to utilize while pregnant.

Smaller Meals

Rather then consuming three large meals every day seek to eat up numerous smaller meals. This will keep your stomach from becoming too full and will help to keep the acid from going up. Likewise do not drink too much when you are eating because fluids travel much quicker.

Heartburn Triggers

To aid to control the symptoms you should know what foods will activate it. The bulk of the time carbonated drinks and foods that contain a high acidic count will stimulate heartburn. Endeavor to keep these foods from your diet.

Sleeping Habits

Another good way to address pregnancy heartburn is to prop yourself up using pillows while you are trying to sleep. This will help to keep your stomach propped and will diminish the opportunity that the acids will travel back up.

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